2018 scheme has started
24 nov, 2017
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You may register at any time to participate in the 2018 scheme New proficiency testings to help you improve your analytical performance   Contact us to participate
Mineral and sparkling waters
06 déc, 2016
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Proficiency tests on natural mineral waters and carbogaseous waters are provided.

They will enable labs to check their performance for the analysis of physical-chemical parameters in sparkling waters, metals at low concentration levels in...

PT odour – flavour in drinking water
09 juin, 2016
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In 2017, AGLAE provides laboratories with two possible proficiency testings per year: 'Odour and flavour in clean waters'.

Labs' performance for the determination of the threshold odour number (TON) and of the threshold flavour number (TFN) by the...

A chemistry report personalized with your results
13 fév, 2015
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 Chemistry test reports are personalized to get quickly to the essential points: your results.

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 Note that test reports are translated into English.