PTS: Biological Diatom Index
18 juin, 2018
Par: aglae

Find all the information about the Proficiency Testing "Biological Diatom Index" .

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PTS mould in clean waters
13 avr, 2018
Par: aglae

 AGLAE provides you with the assessment of your analytical performance for the analysis of mould in clean waters

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 To be followed in 2019

AGLAE complete its offer for hydrobiology testing
13 mar, 2018
Par: aglae

From the next 2018 test regarding the macro-invertebrates, laboratories wishing a second expertise for some singular taxa highlighted during the statistical processing wil send to AGLAE the samples received for the test, with the concerned taxa.


Challenge test on cosmetic products
22 fév, 2018
Par: aglae

AGLAE, in partnership with ANEMCOLI Association, conducts an intercalibration and proficiency test on two cosmetic products.

During this challenge test, laboratories will perform preservation efficacy tests. This test will provide them with...

Mineral and sparkling waters
06 déc, 2017
Par: aglae

Proficiency tests on natural mineral waters and carbogaseous waters are provided.

They will enable labs to check their performance for the analysis of physical-chemical parameters in sparkling waters, metals at low concentration levels in...