Mission and services


Our expertise for laboratories of the environmental and medical fields

Laboratories all over the world must check, improve and maintain the quality of their physicochemical and biological analyses (ISO/IEC 17025 "General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories", ISO 15189 "Medical laboratories - Requirements for quality and competence").


Objective of the Association: contribute to the improvement of analyses, in particular chemical, microbiological and biological, in all environmental fields and in the medical area.

To do so, AGLAE provides a vast range of proficiency tests (also referred to as proficiency testing, interlaboratory comparisons, interlaboratory tests, intercomparisons, ring tests, round robin tests, External Quality Assessment, PTS, PT, EQA...).

In the environment:


  • drinking water

  • fresh water and sea water
  • waste water

  • domestic hot water and water from cooling towers

  • sludges from waste water treatment plants, sediments, polluted soil, waste

  • solid fuel products


In the bio-medical and hospital hygiene fields:

  • cytobacteriology of urinesbiomed

  • blood and stool culture (faeces bacteriology)

  • quantification of bacterial endotoxins in medical type water

  • microbiology in medical type water


Participation in ISO standardisation works

The Association is involved in several working groups at the French standardisation body (AFNOR) and at the ISO in order to share its knowledge with laboratories and to be informed about standardisation progress.

In particular, Eric Pierlot, biology development engineer in AGLAE, is also President of the Water Microbiology Commission at the French standardisation body AFNOR since 2013 and Olivier Molinier, biology data processing manager in AGLAE, is also an expert at the ISO/TC 147 / SC 4 (microbiological methods) and was co-convenor of the validation methods (WG21).


For example, AGLAE actively participated in the writning of the standard aimed at evaluating the uncertainty of measurement associated with a microbiological analysis result in the environment field.

  • at the national level: AFNOR standard FD T90-465-1 "Water quality - Protocol for the evaluation of the uncertainty of measurement associated to an analysis result for microbiologic enumeration"

  • at the international level: ISO 29201:2012 standard "Water quality -- The variability of test results and the uncertainty of measurement of microbiological enumeration methods"

Participation in the European network providing proficiency tests: the PT-WFD

AGLAE is a member of the Self-committed Network of PT Providers to Support the Implementation of the Water Framework Directive: PT-WFD (Proficiency Testing - Water Framework Directive) created in June 2008. The mission of this network is to provide harmonised proficiency testing (PT) schemes that meet the specific requirements of the European water framework directive (WFD) and that are performed and evaluated in a harmonised and comparable way.

AGLAE provided the following tests:

This network has not provided proficiency tests since 2014.

Note that the above tests are part of AGLAE's PT scheme: perfluorinated compoundschloroanilines and chloroalkanes