Biology and ecotoxicology


Water analysis service providers and environmental research consultancies analyse samples supplied by AGLAE. These analyses correspond to the monitoring of aquatic environments or water intended for human consumption.
⇒ AGLAE provides 4 programmes in this category of "Biology and ecotoxicology" proficiency tests.
AGLAE estimates the analytical performance of participants, enabling them to improve the quality of their measurements.


Why take part in the "Biology and Ecotoxicology" proficiency tests?


They are carried out as part of self-monitoring or regulatory controls. These tests cover some of the requirements of :

  • accreditation scope of biological analyses of aquatic media (check AGLAE's accreditation Cofrac No. 1-1664)
  • approvals issued by Ministries of Health to carry out sampling and analysis for water quality control purposes 
  • approvals issued by Ministries for the Environment to carry out analyses in the field of water and aquatic environments
  • the Water Framework Directive (WFD 2000/60/EC), which sets objectives for preserving aquatic ecosystems


What types of samples does AGLAE provide in these proficiency tests?

  • habitation of running waters
  • plant effluent water
  • sampling from running water
  • water intended for human consumption


What analyses do the laboratories carry out?

  • Determination of the faunal list of macro-invertebrates
  • Determination of the floristic list of diatoms
  • "Daphnia" test: determination of the inhibition of the mobility of Daphnia magna Straus - acute toxicity test
  • Quantification of Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium oocysts


Added value of AGLAE "Biology and ecotoxicology" proficiency tests

  • Macro-invertebrates in running waters: laboratories that have observed unusual taxa will be able to obtain a second expertise, which will enable them to take better account of their unique profile.
  • Diatom biology index: photographic prints of 10 remarkable species will be attached to the test report. The assessment of several technicians is possible.
  • Ecotoxicology: tests on fresh and waste water and the test to determine the inhibitory effect of water samples on the luminescence of Vibrio fischeri (or "Microtox" test) can be carried out on the samples.
  • Protozoans: evaluation of partial and complete analysis (with resuspension in tap water) and enumeration of 'total' and 'healthy' protozoans.


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