AGLAE, a structured association



Resulting from the French Pasteur Institute, AGLAE was created on December 1993, 16th by laboratories from various backgrounds (departmental, regional, public, private, mineral, industrial, water distributors, etc.), with the aim of contributing to the improvement of analyses, particularly chemical, microbiological and biological analyses, in the environmental and medical biology fields.


The structure of the Association

AGLAE is an 1901 French law association, made up of a General Meeting, an Executive Board, a Board, as well as a Technical Committee. These bodies administratively manage the Association as follows: 

AGLAE's structureMore precisely:

- The General Meeting (GM) is made up of active members and honorary members, and sets the general direction of the Association,

- The Executive Board (EB), whose members are elected by the GM for a renewable term of 3 years, is the administrative body that defines and guides the general policy of the Association in accordance with the directives of the GM. The EB meets whenever necessary and at least twice a  year.

- The Board, elected by the EB, is a sub-group of the EB. It is made up of the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary, and ensures day-to-day interaction with the Director for the management of the association.

- The Technical Committee is made up of members of the EB, members of the Executive Staff, and others contributors with analytical expertise.


Should you wish to join the General Meeting, please contact us.







AGLAE's team

The Executive staff, made up of all the Association's employees, carries the practical implementation of the operations, as follows:

AGLAE's team